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A self-intiated series that is a pun on brand names, if they were renamed by Indian millennials.

broke coke f.jpg

How are people my age going for endless international trips and buying cars while I am choosing where to order from on Swiggy based on delivery charges?
Broke life on a joke budget.


Signing the very important yet non- existent petition to create a new category of fashion called wedding athlesuire, so that I can regrettably enjoy my 18th drink at the open bar, without getting attacked by my own saree.

Super me Final.jpg

Some days you love yourself as much as Pooh from K3G and somedays you hate yourself as much as Ranbir Kapoor in an Imitiaz Ali movie.
This self-love situation is still a WIP.


 After the grand success (and frankly, sadness) of No Nut November, social media brings you 'ONLY DRINKS DECEMBER'.
December is the month between November and January where most people have no idea what day or time it is. However, people do remember getting dressed on multiple occasions, feeling festive, cheering with drinks in their hands and secretly making a resolution to stop drinking in January.

Offendi final.jpg

Offendi is the younger cousin of the fashion brand Fendi.
While Fendi makes beautiful bags, jewellery and clothes,Offendi spends most of his time looking for bikini pictures of Bollywood actresses to write 'Me so offended.Y u no respect Indian sanskar' under them.
Don't be an Offendi.

Gully Girl Final.jpg

Living the Gucci life on a Gully budget.
Apna time ayega. And when it comes I might not even notice because I will be busy scrolling aimlessly on Instagram.

Chole Final.jpg

Chole is like the little black dress of pulses or like the aloo of vegetables-it goes with everything.You can eat it with bhature or give it a foreign degree and make it into hummus.
Much like it's fashion counterpart Chloe, it is universally loved.


Pro modern dating tip : If you really like someone then give them continuous mixed signals, confuse them, ghost them and eventually start dating someone else. That's how they will really know.
Tommy,he'll figure.


Once upon a time you were 21 and your Friday nights included 6 simultaneous plans, 34 friends and 120 pictures on your camera roll.
And now you have devoted your Friday night exclusively to lie in bed and judge the people with enough energy to do 6 parties with 34 friends through their 120 insta stories.


Who are we? -the youth.
What do we want? -Much much more
When do we want it? -Mostly now. 
The devil might wear Prada.
And we are not only extra, we are Zyada.


If our anxiety about the future could be harnessed into energy,I am sure there would be no power cuts.Ever.

Support Local Final-1.jpg
Support Local Final-2.jpg
Support Local Final-2.jpg
Support Local Final-5.jpg

The year is 2030, Corona is just a beer again, quarantine is a just a word you cannot really pronounce again, touching your face is acceptable again and all the international fashion brands are now Indian with a side of aatma-nirbhar.
Renaming international fashion brands post the pandemic.

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