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A self- intiated series that is a pun on movie and TV names, if they were renamed by Indian millennials.


In this series we meet 4 urban women who meet every week for drinks.Unlike their counterparts Carrie,Samantha,Charlotte and Miranda they discuss the shade that still exists in privileged urban cities against women.Then they proceed to take an Uber at 10:30pm after 2 drinks because ''cannot take a cab alone and drunk so late.''

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If you think getting friendzoned is bad, try getting 'we went out for one okay date but I will message you 'heyy' every 2 weeks to keep you in the orbit'-zoned.

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These days when I type 'net' on my browser it takes me directly to netbanking.HDFC instead of Netflix.
Living the millennial dream one credit card swipe at a time.

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Interviewer : How would you describe the romantic life of your 20's?
Answer : Stranger Flings.
Or flings with people who are strangers now.

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