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'Voice Of Art' is an initiative powered by Vivel (ITC) to raise important questions regarding gender norms, patriarchy, the pay gap and many such issues which affect the lives of women all over the world. It was primarily a social media initiative where 10 female illustrators were selected from all over the country to contribute and amplify these issues through 2 commissioned digital art pieces.

It's okay to be a purple haired male make-up artist. Its okay to be a tough, athletic female cop.Our ambitions and professional interests should not be shaped by the gender we are born into anymore. You do you!

We are entering into the Collab phase of marriages where we cook, clean, run the household, make money and smash the patriarchy together.
Here's to changing the prescribed gender norms in marriages and conquering the world as a power couple.
Vivel Final Artwork-Srishti Gupta
Vivel Artwork Artwork 2 Final FINAL.jpg
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